Anyone who read my last website would know that I love the ketogenic diet. The weightloss results, and the energy it provides all without giving up my favorite foods or being super careful with calorie intake. If it were easier to stay on, I would make it a fulltime lifestyle choice.

However, due to vacations, and the not so fun keto-flu that occurs for the week or so when you first start the diet, weight loss is still a continued project for me and my health. Generally this starts, stereotypically, at the beginning of the year, we get on the bandwagon, lose 10-20 pounds, then spring break comes along and knocks us off on vacation, and over the next 6-7 months we lose all of our progress, going into the holidays and we end up back where we started if not worse.

However each time we do this, one of the things that keeps me motivated is This hooks into our Fitbit Aria and provides a much better interface than Fitbit. It takes longer term trend look at your weight data and abstracts things such as average weight loss rate, projected goal date, calorie adjustments, ect. It helps when you have a cheat day, not for the graph to punish you too much. In fact very often, we can see the trend down throughout the week, with a slight uptick during the weekends. It helps keep weight loss as a long term goal in perspective.

For example, here is my current trend weight dashboard: trendweight.png

You can clearly see the data points that were collect, the ones that were inferred (from days I forget to step on the scale), as well as a weighted line over time as well as a sloped projection. This allows me to see what rate, on average, am I losing weight. It also gives helpful statistics below the graph. This is one of the things I put on my auto-open chrome tabs, so I look at it at least once a day when I first open chrome to make sure I am still tracking on time.

So if anybody want help losing weight, I highly recommend picking up a smart scale and creating a free account on Trendweight.